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11 BEST FIRST CARS (for people who like cars)

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(buzzing music) – Everyone remembers their first car. That sense of freedom will never be rivaled, but what if you had to buy a first car now in 2020. What would you pick? You’d want something fast, right, you’d want something loud and slidy, something your friends will think is really cool or maybe just something reliable to get you back and forth to school, but let’s be honest, the Hellcat or Fast and Furious Supra just probably ain’t gonna happen unless you’re Jadum Sith, the richest boy in the world.

Well, I got some good news for you.

Big bro is here to help. Today we’re gonna tell you our picks for the top 11 best first cars for car enthusiasts, people like you and people like me. Signal, mirror, over the shoulder, go. This is..

. – [Man] The D-List. – Big thanks to our friends at eBay Motors for sponsoring this episode. I have a problem, looking at cars that I can’t afford on the Internet. Am I gonna buy this $45,000 AE86?

No. Am I gonna look at the ad 14 times a day? Hard yes. And after years of using other sites to track down cars, my editor Max goes, you know, I bought my Taurus SHO on eBay. And I was like, eBay!

I’ve heard of it. And with eBay Motors new app, I can look at the cars I wanna buy anywhere I want, especially on the toilet. They got this thing called VPP, which stands for Vehicle Purchase Protection, and a free vehicle report from AutoCheck.

What this means is, the car that you bought is the car that shows up or someone is gonna pay. eBay has got your back, dude.

So go download the eBay Motors app, click the link in the description below. If you buy a car, you get $100 gift certificate for eBay. Yeah, I know what you’re saying, it’s only hundred bucks, but Jesse bought an entire Saab for $76, so chill. We think it’s really, really cool that eBay Motors wants to work with us, we think this could be a really cool partnership. And if enough of you guys download it, then they’ll wanna do more stuff with us in the future.

And that means we can make more really cool videos for you guys in the future, stuff we haven’t even freaking Donut pound before. It’s stuff we can’t freaking even imagine yet. You getting it. (laughs) – [Man] 4th Gen Mustang. – The 4th Gen or SN95 Mustang is kind of like the unloved middle child, I can relate.

It’s not a classic, it’s not that modern. And honestly probably it’s the worse of all the Mustangs. I think SN95s are still really cool though. They are relatively powerful and they have a lot of potential, but best of all they’re cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap. So the SN95 gets some hate, but I think that it looks pretty cool, it’s just like little, this little bubble boy, little Jake Gyllenhaal put on some coilovers, lower it, get some Cobra wheels, maybe Cowl induction, hood shine up real nice, get yourself a nice car.

Now the V6 model makes about 190 HRSPRS and the V8 isn’t that much better, it only makes 220, slightly buffer ponies, but there is a ton of stuff to make your Stang more vascular. There is a ton of parts out there, and like I said they’re cheap, and you can get a lot of them at AutoZone. So this is a great first car, if you wanna learn how to wrench on something. And if you still need some convincing, here are some sick SN95 Mustangs owned by Donut fans.

– [Man] Volvo 240.

– Now when I was a kid back in the olden days, old Volvos are basically the go-to option for cheap reliable and pretty cool first cars. My dad had a red 240 with a five-speed in. Volvo 240 was the first car that I worked on, it’s the first car that I learned to drive in, and it’s the first car that I ever did a burnout in. Shouts to Nathan Steinke, he was there for all three of those major life events with me. He was my first car friend.

240s make great first cars, they have a reputation for being tanks because they’re actually, I think literally classified as tank.

And some of them even came with turbos, if you’re lucky enough to find one, you can get a really good Volvo 240 in good shape for 105 grands still because has stuck so close to its early boxy designs. Even with their modern cars, they’re never gonna all of a sudden become uncool, all right. There is a ton of really cool Volvos like the V70R or the 850 T5R, but for me Volvo 240 is just the Volvo. It’s rear wheel drive, it’s super simple, and the engine base are huge.

If you wanna go crazy down, then I want some sort of nasty motor swap plus they’re super-practical so you can fit all of your extracurricular activities equipment in there. You can fit so much LARPing gear in a Volvo 240.

Ask Nolan how he knows. Oh sorry, should I say, Thrundon, thee Brave? – [Man] Ford Ranger.

– Okay, this one is for all my truck bros out there. I’m talking about one of the best little trucks ever, legendary Ford Ranger. Now they’d made a bunch of different types of Rangers, so there’s bunch to choose from. We go way more into depth in our video about cheap trucks, I’ll put the link for that in the description below. We had to bring this truck back because it is such a great choice for a first car.

You can pick these up for a couple grand in good used condition, they’re easy to work on. Tons of room in the engine bay for you to get in and mess around with, and get your knuckles all greasy.

And, of course, you got a handy-dandy truck bed for doing some truck things, if truck things are the kinds of things that you want to do. Now I just wanna take a moment and apologize to our Australian friends, including Bailey Goulimis. In a previous episode of this show, I said that the Holden Maloo was a Ute with a tray, and I’ve since been informed that it is not a tray, but it is a tub, okay.

So the Holden Maloo is not a truck with a bed, it’s not even a Ute with a tray, it’s a Ute with a tub. Again, I’m so sorry, and I’m going to write this wrong, and as a symbol of my humility, I have adopted this kangaroo, this is a real thing that I did, I paid for it. I named him Nolan Two. And now he’s officially the fifth Joey that works at Donut. Literally all of our writers somehow are named Joe.

– [Man] C4 Corvette. – Okay, now I know that this is one of the crazier first cars on this list. It’s definitely not gonna make your mom happy, but hear me out, you can buy one of these for 3500-ish dollars, but just be aware you might have to get your knuckles a little greasy on this bad boy, so much so that they’re gonna start calling you Greasy Nux when you walk into your home room, like they’d be like, hey, what’s up, Greasy Nux? And you’re just gonna own it, you’re gonna be like, what’s up? Yeah, my knucks is greasy, I drive a Corvette.

Am I smart? Not necessarily. Am I cool? Pretty cool. Chevy made the C4 Corvette from 1983 all the way through 1996.

So there is a ton of them out there, and guys, did I even mention that this car has the most sickest feature available anywhere on any car? (upbeat music) They also came with Julius Caesar’s favorite set of wheels, Salad Shooters, they look good on pretty much every car you put them on. Here’s them on a BMW E30, here they are on a Volkswagen Golf, here they are on a C4 Corvette. During its run the C4 came with one of six different V8s, so before you buy one, figure out which V8 it’s got. I like the LT1 the best, it’s a sweet spot between price and performance, plus they’re bulletproof, and the coolest car is a car that runs, but if anything ever did go wrong, Chevy put the LT1 in a ton of different cars.

The parts are easy to find and cheap and you don’t mind hopping under that hood, you’re Greasy Nux, your knuckles are already greasy.

Now I know I am a wager that this one is a little silly. All right, it’s definitely the least sensible car on this list. You can’t really fit any LARPing gear in it, but I think that the idea of a Corvette for your first car is hilarious and awesome. – [Man] Miata.

– We talk about Miatas a lot on Donut. Too much if you ask me. I mean we have an entire other show where all we do is talk about a freaking Miata. Apparently it’s not enough to have a whole show dedicated to Miatas, we gotta talk about in all my shows too. Okay, there’s no denying that Miata is an awesome little car, it would make a great first car for someone who wants to develop their skills as a driver.

They are rear-wheel drive, they’re really well-balanced, parts are cheap, and you can almost definitely afford one of these things.

They are pretty cool, I guess they’re pretty cool, even though I look like Donkey Kong when I drive one. Now I know that the NA came with sweet, sweet big board pop-up headlights, and that’s the one that everyone really wants right now, but the NB is basically the same car, and I even think that the NC is pretty good-looking, especially with the hard tops and wheels. All three gens are really fun and can be found for cheap. So what if you have more than one friend and you want the opposite of a Miata, something that can fit more than a single backpack, something that has any power at all?

11 BEST FIRST CARS (for people who like cars)

May be this one is a wildcard, maybe you should consider.

– [Man] Lincoln LS. – This might not be the most romantic car on this list, it’s not a C4 Corvette, but if you’re looking for something big, luxurious, reliable safe with a V8 that costs less than four grand, I wanna consider one of these boys. This car was made between 99 and 2006, and it was basically America’s answer to the comfy European cars, like the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4. And as you’d expect from a car, which was trying to go to war with the Germans for the luxury sedan market domination, the LS was full of fancy stuff like technology and it even had independent double wishbone suspension, which is pretty cool, it handles pretty good.

On the inside, the LS was a symphony of leather and wood like an old library, which is kind of like the internet, but instead of being filled with websites, it’s filled with books. You heard him, maybe she crack one of them every once in awhile to help you with your vocabulary.

This car is a loud like no one, okay, hear me out. It’s sensible, it’s responsible, it’s something that your parents can trust, but don’t be fooled because just like Nolan underneath, it’s a hunky muscle car boyfriend. Behind its understated exterior lives an absolutely ravenous secret of 3.

9 liter V8 that pumps out about 300 HRSPRS. If you want a manual, you can get one, but only with the 240 horsepower V6, but that is a decent amount of power. Let’s take your time, we just got our driver’s licenses, this is our first car, baby steps. I’m not calling you a baby, all right, you are a young adult, all right, but just 240, I don’t even own a car that makes 240 (laughs) horsepower. – [Man] Subaru Forester.

– At number five is the Subaru Forester. Now when you heard me say- – [Man] Subaru. – You’re probably thinking that I was gonna hit you up with an STI or a WRX, not a little SUV boxing boy, but hear me out because the Forrester is a compact SUV, i.e.

A fat hatchback hiding a sexy sideways secret.

Below that sensible boxy body are many of the sweet crazy gizzards from the legendary Subaru WRX. Of all the models that you can get in the US, the XT Limited Turbo is the one you want because it’s got the turbocharge, it’s flat-4 with 230 horsepower and it also had a sunroof. So when you’re driving around, you can put your little hands out there and be free, and it has a leather interior, so you can burn your little bum, bum all summer long.

This car is basically a WRX without a big rear wing or a huge exhaust, and it’s all hidden under a big safe SUV body that your parents are gonna love. And more importantly, it’s a lot more affordable and easier to find than WRX, and insurance is gonna be cheaper too, so (laughs) that’s just smart.

And if you really want to, you can get a little wild hair up your goat, you can swap bunch of the STI stuff fits on this car, so you can rally up your Forester and have a really cool little sleep. – [Man] E46 330i. – The E46 M3 is a great freaking car, but it is a really expensive car too, but there’s good news because you can have it slightly less muscular brother, the 330Ci for about a quarter of the price, (laughs) okay.

For just a few grand, you can buy an E46 330Ci with the ZHP package. Now if you can find one, this is the one you want.

It’s the performance package one, and it comes with a bunch of cool little bits, like a cool steering wheel, it’s got six speed, it’s got different diff ratio, it’s got firmer springs. It also has in my opinion one of the greatest shift knobs of all time. The 330Ci had the M54 inline-6, which was basically the last really good reliable engine that BMW ever made and it made 235 horsepower. You know how E30s were cheap for awhile and then they got expensive, then E36 is really cheap, now they’re getting expensive too. E46s are actually cheap right now.

They’re really fun to drive every day, they’re fun to take to the track and you can even make them into drift cars with only adding like a couple of thing, I’m talking like angle kit, maybe a handbrake.

It’s like my great-great-great-grandma used to say, all right, be smart, buy a 2004 BMW 330Ci. – [Man] Nissan 350Z. – My first car that I ever owned was an s13 240SX. And I think that the 350 is a modern day equivalent to the 240, except it is way, way faster.

There are a couple of versions of the 3.5 liter V6 that came in this car, and if you get one that was made in 2006 or newer, you’ll be good for a very reliable 300 HRSPRS, which is plenty, okay guys, that is a lot. You kids all think you’re Supermans, but you’re not even regular mans yet, you’re teens.

Teens. I really like this chassis, we own two of them here at Donut and we modified the absolute living crap out of them on our other show, HiLow.

If you haven’t watched that, then you should. I really do think that it’s the best thing that we’ve ever done. And as we’ve shown on HiLow, there is a ton of parts for these things, and you can build one to do just about anything you wanna do. Basically it’s like, I think the 330Ci and the 350Z are the best value that you can get in a sports car right now, and they’re relatively interchangeable, like from day-to-day, I don’t know which one I’d want more.

We are releasing a shirt for your car a.

k.a. – [Man] The Buff Horses Sticker Pack. (horse neighs) (upbeat music) – I’m really excited about your sticker. I think they came out really, really cool, they’re really high-quality, and the only place that you can get them is at DonutMedia.

com. – [Man] MK4 Golf. – I love the Volkswagen Golf. For all those wondering, this car is my son. We share no blood, but he is my life, I am proud of him and owning him has been the best and most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

He came from Germany legally, of course, I’ve owned a ton of Golfs: Mk1s, Mk2s, Mk3s, but the one that I think is the best first car is the generation that I’ve never actually owned, the Mk4, and not just because it smells like (mumbles) I think it’s a great balance of being kind of old and fun, but still has a lot of modern safety stuff, like air mags.

My Mk3 is scary to drive, it’s like driving around in a freaking office chair. If I get in a wreck, I am 100% Dunzo. You can get the Mk4 with tiny little (mumbles) you can get them with a turbo diesel that gets really good gas mileage, but if you want a hatch, that is a little hotter, you have two really good options, you got your VR6 and you got your 20 valve 1.8T.

The VR6 sounds amazing and the 1.8T is super-tunable. And remember guys, 1.8T never lose. There are some cool versions of the Mk4 too, both the 337 and 20th Anniversary editions came with factory Recaro seats, big wheels, and some cool like lips and stuff.

The 20th was available in Jazz Blue, which is a sweet blue color and also Imola Yellow. The Jetta is the exact same car, but it has a trunk in case you wanna hull around your LARPing gear. Get yourself a Mk4, bing-bang-boom. It goes kid in the cafeteria, moving on. Moving on.

Coming in at number one. What I think is the best first car for a new driver? The car that I tell everyone to buy when they ask me what kind of car they should buy.

As much Accord as you can afford, and not just because it rhymes, right. I was gonna put a Civic in number one, but that seemed really similar to the Golf, and it’ll probably get stolen.

You want a Civic, get a Civic, they’re great, but they get stolen. And (mumbles) are great too, but that will definitely get stolen. The Honda Accord has been in constant production since 1976, they figured these things out, all right. They start every time, they run like tops with minimal maintenance, and the coolest car, like I said, is the car that runs. And there really is an Accord for everybody in every budget.

It’s a great blend of sportiness and practicality, they came with some really great engines. They have really good acceleration, they look really good, they’re cheap to work on. Now I know we’ve been talking about V8s and cars with turbos and stuff, but I think the Accord really is the most well-rounded boy and it really is the best first car that you can get in my opinion.

Look at this one, look at this one, look at this one, look at this one, look at this one, they’re cool. And no matter what your first car is, whether it’s something from this list or something completely different or just whatever your mom used to drive and hand it down to you, it’s gonna be special because it’s your first car.

And if you aren’t in the position to buy a car yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of this community. I didn’t have a car for almost two years as an adult when I just skateboarded everywhere. Car community is my life, it’s an amazing diverse group, we all come from different places, we all have different interests, but what draws us together is the love and respect for cars and one another. And I’m really excited to have all of you onboard. So if you’re looking for your perfect first car, but can’t find anything in your town, go look on the eBay Motors app and look everywhere.

Guys, here’s a little bit of a secret, all right, you can ship a car basically anywhere in the United States for about 800 bucks. I’ve done it, find someone local, tread a car that you trust and go drive it, and yeah, ship it to your house. Thank you guys so much for watching this video and every other video on Donut Media. Go ahead and hit that Subscribe button and the Like button. Follow me across social media at James Pumphrey to get some, I’ve been known to leak some stuff going on.

Follow Donut on Instagram and Twitter @DonutMedia. If you want another list of really fun, cheap cars, check out this episode of the WheelHouse hosted by my friend, Nolan. I really like that show, and that’s a really great video. I love you. (upbeat music).

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