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[Music] TABC bees do you ever feel like your kids don’t eat enough vegetables or do you just need more baby food recipe ideas well today I have six and a receipt here will be my food taste tester as you can tell she clearly likes to play with things anyways if you guys are excited for arrises birth month and excited to see more baby stuff be sure to hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe for more friendly easy recipes for busy bees well go ahead and get started with our baby food so first I wanted to share these reusable baby pouches that I bought on Amazon they come in various sizes but this one I got as a large and I think it’s 6 ounces but they’re super cute and they’re way more budget-friendly than if you were to buy them each at the store I was at Target the other day and it was a little bit questionable that baby food was just out I mean how do they keep them fresh and like I know they go bad and they have mold and stuff in them so I feel so much better making my own for aera see if you guys are interested in finding out more about these baby packs be sure to check the link in the description box alright but we’ll go ahead and get started with our first recipe which I call beats by mom I have one cup of beets that I’ve cut up into smaller pieces protip they’ll steam faster add them to my steamer and then I have 1 cup of frozen strawberries and then I’ll seam them for about 5 minutes until the beets are nice and tender alright let’s mix everything up here I’ll add a quarter cup of raspberries into my blender raspberries help baby’s body to absorb iron from food and then I have 1 tablespoon of chia seeds that I’ve already soaked chia seeds are an amazing source of protein fiber healthy fats and antioxidants then we have our steamed strawberries which are a great source of vitamin C and calcium and then our beets they have plenty of vitamins and minerals also good for brain development and then to thin it out I have a quarter cup of water now let’s blend it up now depending on your baby’s age or preference you can blend these out to be nice and chunky or really smooth all right let’s choose from our smoothie packs I think I’ll go with panda I’ll just open the pouch nice and roomy and don’t worry I’ve tested it they won’t explode on you the seal is really good now I’ll fill the pouch three quarters of the way full and seal it up so cute if you guys don’t want to use these pouches go ahead and fill a four ounce mason jar up cap it and you can keep it in the fridge up to three days alternatively if you have a lot of extra puree you can go ahead and freeze them in these ice cube molds for up to three months this ice cube mold is a lifesaver I’m telling you I think she likes it folks [Music] beats my mom is a winner next up we have hello sunshine I’ll start with one cup of chopped up mangoes mangoes are said to help boost immunity and reduce baby’s risk of a common cold then I have about 1 cup of peaches which is also great to help the baby with constipation and then a quarter cup of cooked oatmeal which has lots of fiber to keep her full one teaspoon of coconut oil which provides healthy fats and finally 1/4 cup of water to thin everything out now I’ll just blend and pack it up and any leftover I’ll just go ahead and freeze just so you know most of the ingredients were steamed before taping the video I used the combination of frozen and fresh for example the peaches were frozen because peaches aren’t in season right now but I definitely wanted to introduce peaches to her so I just parse steamed them for about three to five minutes until they’re just barely soft and as always be sure to check with your pediatrician before introducing any new foods to your babies what do you think I think she may even like this pack more than beats by mom oh thank you thank you I actually tested this one and it’s pretty darn good I would eat this okay moving on to our next one we have our sweet greens here I have half a cup of peas which are high in lutein for eye development and our great source of fiber then I have 1 cup of pear that I’ve par steamed it’s also another great fruit to alleviate constipation a cup of kale another superfood that’s a great source of vitamins and minerals and loads of calcium for strong teeth and bones and of course some water to thin it out blend blend blend [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] folks I’ve been blessed with a non picky eater she actually loves peas and kale but I actually think the pears really help – all right well she finishes this pouch because I feel really good about her eating her greens we’re gonna move on to our next one which is the nutty bean for this one I have one cup of butternut squash that I’ve already steamed this will help increase baby’s weight 1/2 a cup of steamed green beans this will help boost baby’s immune system and then 1/4 cup of cooked brown rice brown rice is versatile and babies are rarely allergic to it and then about half a cup of water look at that texture nice and thick I think she wants the sweet green back this is funny because I started aresty off with butternut and green beans and she loved that combination it’s a really easy one to start your babies off with all right next up we have the sweet apple of my eye I’ll add 1 cup of chopped already steamed apples to my blender Apple’s help prevent diarrhea and then one cup of steamed sweet potatoes these are high in calories so they help babies to gain weight a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon just to introduce baby to a new spice and flavor a quarter cup of quinoa which is a complete and balanced pack of protein and enough water to thin it out here’s another tip the more starchy your food like rice beans sweet potatoes the more water you’re going to need to add to thin it out for easy blending [Music] I love this orange color yeah so for me I really like the addition of the cinnamon just to kind of open up her palate to new flavors and the quinoa is another really interesting ingredient that has a lot of protein and it’s healthy for her and finally if any of you guys watch little baby bum this one here was inspired by that one it’s called eat your veggies eat your vegetables they’re yum yum crunchy grab a plate add some peas we’ll start with a quarter cup of white beans which are high in fiber and it helps them stay regular then we have one carrot which is high in lutein and great for eye health and one cup of broccoli that’s super rich and iron by the way all the vegetables here are steamed and finally about half a cup of water so I hope you guys enjoyed this BB food video another tip that I have for you guys don’t make the mistake that I did and give her the vegetables the carrots white beans and broccoli last always make sure to give it to them first so that they finish their veggies before moving on to the sweets I found that once I gave areas see the sweet ones on a typical day for lunch or something she will just stick to the sweet sugary ones and will totally disregard her veggies just like she did today if you guys have some fun baby food combinations go ahead and let me know what they are by commenting below and let me know if you want to see more of these types of videos with era C and baby food if they help you thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next honeysuckle video and before I leave I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support we’re at half a million five hundred thousand busy bees that’s incredible let’s get us to a million busy views strong I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all of your support and it’s been so much fun sharing all of my recipes and life with you I hope to continue that and just wanted to give you a really quick sneak peek we are developing a new series coming out very soon to include everything you love about my channel food fashion lifestyle beauty natural beauty I have a lot of those videos in the playlist below and you guys can find more of those coming soon

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